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The problem:

Bullying is any form of verbal, physical or psychological mistreatment repeatedly provoked among students, both in classrooms and through social networks, with the specific name of cyberbullying.

The goal:
combat and eradicate it.

The efficacy of ZeroAcoso is based on an anonymous, confidential communication that makes possible to treat the problem from different angles, attacking each one of the factors that make bullying possible. The silence that surrounds it, the group that allows it and the positive reinforcement the bully gets.
“One out of four teenagers suffers from bullying in our country”

Spain’s Educative Innovation Institute “Mobbing Research”.
What’s the most immediate problem of bullying, the first to be attacked?


Carla Herrero. – Bullying victim.

The benefits of ZeroAcoso to combat it, effective technology at your service:


Of every collective involved, teachers, students and parents.

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Allows the early detection, their immediate response and their categorisation. Bidirectional communication, anonymous and confidential.

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Thanks to real-time data, intervention will be more successful in the victim’s environment, cutting dynamics that in the future could lead to bullying.

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The school receives reports about the situation and its evolution.

``ZeroAcoso is a fundamental tool in which students have this direct voice guiding the center when they are going wrong or through circumstances of persecution``- Susana Alfageme. Counselor at Zola Las Rozas school
``ZeroAcoso is a tool that allows students to ask for help without anyone knowing who they are, to be completely anonymous``- Marta Morales. Counselor at Zola Las Rozas school
``ZeroAcoso also enables the center to have real data on bullying, and what kind of action to take against him, making students aware and putting in place established mechanisms when the conflict gets serious``- Marta Morales. Counselor at Zola Las Rozas school

“Example in Finland. The importance of training and the observer”.



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