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ZeroAcoso.org is produced
by protOS Soluciones Educativas

ProtOS is a young team located in Madrid and Valencia. Starting some years ago, we are trying to become a catalyst for educational change via technology.
In protOS we promote several own and third party’s technologies, such as Learning Systems, Students Information Systems and Mobile Solutions.

Learning management systems

Student information systems

Mobile solutions

Our mission

After a long time working on academic innovation areas, we realized the importance of supporting new educational methods and tools. But they made no much sense unless we could guarantee secure learning environments. That is how ZeroAcoso concept was arisen.

Our view in ZeroAcoso

Bullying is much more than just a vigilance and communication problem. We are very conscious of this in ZeroAcoso, and believe that the positive impact of our product relies on the training and awareness activities which we may transfer to educational institutions. However, we believe that this technology will contribute to a higher visibility of the problem, enabling a new channel for hope.

A highly qualified team to support this project

Our coexistence advisers are experienced educational psychologists with a wide experience on using new technologies. They receive over 100h training prior to joining our ZeroAcoso program.