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What's the difference between ZeroAcoso and the rest of anti-bullying initiatives?

ZeroAcoso is the only anonymous, bidirectional communication channel that puts students in contact with a counselor who can intervene in their educational center. The possibility of improving the student’s direct environment is the key of ZeroAcoso. Real-time communication allows us to know where and when a problem is emerging and therefore allows us to cut antisocial dynamics before they become bullying.

Why ZeroAcoso is more efficient?

Because it attacks the three most important factors that make bullying possible to continue over time. The silence that surrounds it, the group that allows it and the positive reinforcement that the bully receives.

Why do I need technology? Is it safe?

Technology is the key to ZeroAcoso’s effectiveness. Mainly because it’s the preferred communication choice, and also because fights the bullying from the three fronts.

With the anonymity, we break the law of silence and reduce the anxiety of the victims. This anonymity is also the key to the participation of passive observers, getting them to move from there to defenders without fear of reprisals. The data collected also allow us to work in a conscious way on the group to cut down the social reinforcement of the bully.

What if my school already has its own anti-bullying protocol?

The protocols for preventing and combating school bullying are mainly focused on prevention and intervention once the cases have been detected. ZeroAcoso is the perfect complement since technology will provide us with the necessary information to measure the effectiveness of our performance before, during and after showing us how the students’ response is evolving.

In addition, with ZeroAcoso we are providing a channel that they use massively, but totally safe and anonymous in the school, being able to intervene in the early detection of antisocial behavior before it results in bullying.

Where are stored all the conversations managed by ZeroAcoso?

The ZeroAcoso chats are encrypted and the system does not store personal data. The chats cannot be related to any author.

In addition, the system is hosted on secure servers complying with all necessary security measures to ensure the integrity of the data.

How could the number phone or identity of somebody who starts a chat be known?

It’s not possible. ZeroAcoso technology encrypts the telephone number from which the message is received and changes it to a temporary one while the conversation takes place. In this way, it is possible to relate the same “thread” of messages with a single telephone number from which they are sent.

What happens if somebody tries to misuse the service?

The system itself and ZeroAcoso specialists have mechanisms to detect misuse of the system. Telephone numbers from which false messages, offenses, slander, etc. are received will be blocked upon notice so that the system does not receive messages from those numbers.

Which are the available statistics? What are they useful for?

One of ZeroAcoso’s strengths is data processing. They give us the real information, mark us the problematic points and allow us to measure our preventive actions.

From the messages received, their categorization and keywords used, the system generates reports that help to make decisions to the center effectively. In addition, the data allow us to measure the impact of each of the actions we carry out.

I.e. If one of these reports tells us that 80% of the messages received are related to harassment by race, the school can take action. In addition, the comparative reports will tell us if the percentage of such messages is reduced month by month, which will be an indication that the measures taken by the center, do actually work.

Should a message arrive during ``out of office`` hours?

ZeroAcoso subscription has 2 options: one where the people designated by the school answer the messages sent by their students, and other where a team of psychopedagogues of ZeroAcoso monitors these conversations and even actively answers them.

In the first case the school decides the schedule in which the system is open and will answer the messages sent by the students. If a message is received outside of these hours, the system notifies the student that the message will be answered after the next business day.

In the second case, the psychopedagogues of ZeroAcoso answer the messages received at any time, 24 hours a day.