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Dedicated telephone number, unique for each institution.


ZeroAcoso is a successful way to cut down bullying and avoid anti-social behaviours.


Integrated with Facebook Messenger, SMS and via chat through our free ZeroAcoso app for Android and iOS.

Instant communication

Anonymous and confidential chat starts with a simple message.

Immediate intervention

Any victim or witness may start an anonymous and confidential chat. The system automatically notifies the confident about the starting of the conversation.
Knowing this information enables to intervene in the improvement of the victim’s environment from the very first moment.

Each institution receives a welcome pack including

  • Custom technological environment and exclusive telephone number for each center.
  • Elements of information and dissuasion to be distributed by the center.
  • Elements of training for all members of the educational community (guides, videos, presentations, infographics, brochures…)
  • Custom control panel for each centre that allows the analysis and monitoring of bullying in each school.

Notifications to
helpers and experts

The designated advisers (in the center or experts from ZeroAcoso) are notified via email and/or SMS

From that moment it’s a matter of listening, calming, attending and with the information collected intervene.

ZeroAcoso’s Decalogue of Best Practices is an essential guide to the correct use of the solution by any adviser.

With the information collected the center can improve the environment of victims with general and/or specific actions to eradicate antisocial behaviours.


The interaction and notification level is designed and chosen by each institution.

ZeroAcoso custom-designed

  • Selection of advisers
  • Notifications by either SMS / email
  • Internal quotes to show the conversation context
  • Procedure to pass the issue up the chain and export to notify the authorities
  • “Out of the office” period with limited answer to conversations (ie 8am – 7pm)

Real time data

Monthly statistics and reports. Data provided is vital to facilitate decision-making and to apply preventive and dissuasive measures.


Because bullying does not stop, our commitment is to continue improving the solution.

We believe that training and awareness are fundamental elements in this fight against bullying.
Some of the things we are working on:

Alerts and statistics based on tags

Web conferences with our experts in the area of bullying.

Teaching materials and games focused on the main age groups

Plug-ins to notify situations of cyberbullying